No matter what belief system one subscribes to, everyone can agree our planet Earth is REMARKABLE!  Earth is unique; unlike any other planet in our solar system.  It is the only planet in our Solar System that supports life!  If you were to google Solar System images and take a closer look at each of the planets from Mercury to Pluto the Earth’s uniqueness is very visible.  

No matter what belief system one subscribes to, everyone can agree our planet Earth is INHABITABLE.  In fact… Planet Earth has 10 unique life-supporting characteristics that tell an amazing narrative to the glory of God’s design:

#1:  EARTH is the ONLY planet that has LIQUID WATER on its surface

#2:  EARTH has the exact amount of GRAVITATIONAL pull to support life 

#3:  EARTH has a SOLID surface that is unlike any other planet to support life

#4: The EARTH’S TILT allows life supporting environments across mass surface area of the globe 

#5: The EARTH’S  ROTATION  is maintained at the exact necessary SPEED to  support life

#6: The EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE has just the right amount of oxygen to support life

#7: EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD supports and protects life on the planet

#8: The SUN is the exact distance from the EARTH needed to support life

#9:  EARTH’S POSITION in our Solar System protects it from cosmic dangers to support life

#10: EARTH’S PLACE in the Milky Way Galaxy supports life by shielding the planet and holding it in place

This complex order cannot possibly be built from chaos.  It requires engineering. Creativity. Intelligence.  Design.  And THAT requires a Designer.   If that Designer gave this much attention to creating a planet to support life, then wouldn’t it make sense that the foods on the planet would also have that same purpose? To support LIFE.  

In Garden nutrition of Genesis … in a perfect world … in the midst of the Garden of Eden was the Tree of Life.   This tree produced fruit that provided continual physical regeneration.   Physical degeneration was possible but was not yet “in charge”. “The tree of life was in the midst of the garden…” Gen 2:9.   Physical regeneration remains one of the purposes of food today.  How do we know this?  Garden nutrition mirrors this purpose in SEED bearing foods.   “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit.” Gen. 1:29.  If you’ve ever taken a nutrition course, you probably learned that seeds are a nutritional powerhouse!  They perpetuate life.  This is part of natural law.  A result of purposeful design with the intention of supporting physical life. 

In next week’s Food Faith Friday video on our FACEBOOK PAGE and E! Journal post we’ll take a closer at the SEED.  How does the SEED reflect nutrition science and Biblical history? 

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