Holistic Nutrition from a

Functional Medicine &Faith-based



Stuck in a cycle of management with your health?

Struggle to lose weight no matter what you do?  

Tired of short term results? 

Ancient Greeks used the word “eureka” to express excitement over the discovery of an elusive solution

Today, Eureka! offers you the opportunity to…


Create your Profile

Online nutrition & lifestyle assessments + functional lab testing + DNA assessment create your comprehensive profile!  

Customize your Path

Instead of another “done for you” one-size-fits-all program, Eureka! is a “done with you” step by step personalized, phased solution!

Coach your Process

Virtual, hybrid coaching program (1:1 + Group) sessions within a community offering strategy + mindset mastery Coach support!

You’ve tried everything…

Since you’re hardworking and resourceful; you’ve spent time and money on your health.  But have you ended up back where you started with no real answers or long lasting results?

You’ve discovered some of the pieces to your health puzzle along the way, but you need someone to help you put them all together.

  • Feel stuck in the cycle of managing your health vs. mastering it?
  • Interested in a cutting edge approach with an ancient root?
  • Does it seem your body is working against you
  • Looking for long term, drug free, lifestyle solutions that you haven’t gotten from your doctor?
  • Are you willing to engage a whole person, functional medicine and faith-based approach to health and weight mastery?
If So, You’re in the right place!

There is a clear path…

We work with clients exclusively inside our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Coaching Program – our signature program – that takes the purposes of God and the principles of metabolic health to create a customized path for you to reclaim whole person wellness and master your weight.

  • Go beyond calories in, calories out by addressing the 3 Root Metabolic Foundations that keep you stuck in the cycle
  • Discover God’s 7 Part Framework for whole person wellness
  • Reset, rebuild and renew your body’s metabolic controls to work with you again for long lasting results
  • Master negative thought patterns, emotional and spiritual stressors that impact progress
  • Functional medicine – root cause model
  • Faith-based – mind & heart coaching for lasting results                         


Mastery is possible…

What would your life be like if you mastered your health and weight?  No more sitting on the sidelines.  No more day to day exhaustion.  No more frustration over short term results.  

Know exactly what action steps to take.  Be clear on how to start, how to progress, and how to sustain your results.  We believe how you finish is just as important as how you start.

  • Enjoy your family and friends without fear of missing out due to health or weight limitations
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your body again
  • Be an example to your children of healthy living
  • Have a clear understanding of how God designed your body to function
  • Overcome your own self-sabotaging mindset & belief patterns that have held you captive for so long
  • Experience energy filled days to fulfill God’s purposes for your life
  • Master the key areas of health you have control over, and release the outcome to God
  • Live in whole person freedom.

Raves for Eureka!

I'm so thankful

I’m so thankful for the things I have learned from this program.  It has helped me make healthier choices as well as lose weight. Karen is always available to answer my questions. Great program! 

~ Jeri C.

Listens carefully

Karen’s nutrition coaching helped me focus on how foods affect my health.  She always listens carefully to my thoughts and considers them important as we worked together to develop positive relationships with food. It was wonderful working with such a kind, compassionate and non-judgmental nutritionist!” 

~ Rita S. 



Insightful Biblical integration

Karen’s knowledge of diet and nutrition is extensive, but also user-friendly. Her passion for health and wellbeing is so evident and contagious. Most importantly, her Biblical integration is insightful and inspiring, ministering to the spiritual as well as the physical needs of her clients.
– Linda B.

Wise Choices

I had the pleasure of working with Karen to better understand nutrition. She introduced nutrient dense whole foods and helped me make wise choices that encouraged a healthier lifestyle.  I’m thankful for Karen’s expertise and the impact it had on our family’s nutrition!

~ Nikki D.

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