Holistic Nutrition from a

Functional Medicine &Faith-based




I’m Karen

I help you experience more energy in your day, more confidence in your purpose, and more freedom in your life (with less inches on your waist 🙂 without extreme dieting or weight loss fads.

Are you ready to…

  • Master your weight for the last time, so you can be free of the management cycle and enjoy your family and friends without fear or guilt in missing out?
  • Retrain your metabolic controls to work with you, not against you so you can find your rhythm and feel comfortable in your body and confident in your purpose  again?
  • Conquer self-sabotaging negative thought patterns, emotional and spiritual stressors that keep you stuck in a cycle of defeat and frustration, so you can break free to fulfill God’s amazing purposes for your life?


If so, you’re in the right place!

The ancient Greeks used the word “eureka” to express excitement over the discovery of an elusive solution.

Let’s discover together…

I Work with Clients in Two Ways:


Diet. Rest. Exercise. Stress Mastery. Supplemental Therapies.

Our D.R.E.S.S. Foundations Workshop takes 5 Pillars of metabolic health from the functional medicine and faith-based process I teach in our Coaching Program and condenses it into a personalized Get Started D.R.E.S.S. Protocol for you!

PLUS, receive a 1:1 Coaching Consultation call to review and finalize your protocol!

Come to us: Attend live, in person at our office in Roswell, GA –  OR – at your own pace, accessed on-demand through our online platform! 

We come to you: If you would like to learn more about hosting a workshop  – qualifying for a group discount – for your church, workplace or organization, complete the Become a Partner Interest Form.



**Clients must complete the D.R.E.S.S. Foundations Workshop/ Get Started Protocol before they can enroll in the Coaching Program. 

Inside my health and weight mastery Coaching program, you’ll discover the simple 4-Phase process to kickstart weight loss, make steady progress, and sustain your results for life!

…Even if you have “tried everything” and nothing seems to work long-term.

The program structure is incredibly simple and risk free: follow the personalized process I teach step by step and I’m confident you will achieve the results you came for, or get your money back!

Changed Lives

I am 95% pain free!!

I am 95% pain free!!  My chronic “phantom” pains have gone away which is awesome.  

At the end of my program I am so happy with my weight overall! I prefer plant – based eating, and Karen was great to accommodate that with some adjustments and targeted supplementation to make sure I replenish my nutrient deficiencies that showed up on my lab testing. 

I’m enjoying my new nutrition plan and way of eating… and totally  loving the probiotic foods and eating those daily. My cleanse day of smoothies/soups/green juices has made a difference in my inflammation levels! 

My clothes fit better and I’m feeling much better overall.  I am feeling good about my figure for swimsuit season 🙂 

~ Lisa S.

Better sleep!

My personalized Detox Days 1x a week are working really well for me! I wasn’t sure how it would go. With the hormone help from the NP, I’m sleeping better and my weight is maintaining.  Very thrilled!

~ Tamu L.

I have the tools!

I’ve had a long  history of gut health issues that began about 30 years ago and therefore, following the low histamine diet was doable for me! I have the tools to make this work for me everyday with recipes I can do and supplements, exercises and stress coping skills are helping tremendously!  

~ Vickee J

I'm so thankful

I’m so thankful for the things I have learned from this program.  It has helped me make healthier choices as well as lose weight. Karen is always available to answer my questions. Great program! 

~ Jeri C.

Listens carefully

Karen’s nutrition coaching helped me focus on how foods affect my health.  She always listens carefully to my thoughts and considers them important as we worked together to develop positive relationships with food. It was wonderful working with such a kind, compassionate and non-judgmental nutritionist!” 

~ Rita S. 



Insightful Biblical integration

Karen’s knowledge of diet and nutrition is extensive, but also user-friendly. Her passion for health and wellbeing is so evident and contagious. Most importantly, her Biblical integration is insightful and inspiring, ministering to the spiritual as well as the physical needs of her clients.
– Linda B.

Wise Choices

I had the pleasure of working with Karen to better understand nutrition. She introduced nutrient dense whole foods and helped me make wise choices that encouraged a healthier lifestyle.  I’m thankful for Karen’s expertise and the impact it had on our family’s nutrition!

~ Nikki D.

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