The list is endless on the dieting plans you could try!  Their popularity usually peaks and wanes over time when the next new diet comes on the market.  Each diet has its central concept or premise to why it works (especially for weight loss).    Many people have lost weight, have more energy and found that a particular dieting method can really work for them.   

So, what’s so wrong about dieting? 

When evaluating the effectiveness of dieting by long-term results the “really work” claim comes under new judgment.  If we have to keep going back to our “go-to” diet plan (on plan / off plan) approach … Does it really work after all? 

Let’s highlight the Top Five Dieting Downsides:

#1: Message of Scarcity

When we diet by restricting calories or counting points or drinking meal replacements instead of eating real foods we are giving our body’s the message of scarcity vs. abundance.  Without realizing it we are triggering “starvation mode”.  This messaging can lead to losing weight short term (water, fluid, muscle tissue – the weight you don’t want to lose) but doesn’t give the body permission to release excess fat stores, toxins, used hormones, etc.   Scarcity says, hold onto.  Abundance says, release. 

#2:  Nutrient Deficiencies

Healthy eating = healthy ingredients.  Diets that focus on one major macro (protein, carbs, fats) and restrict another will result in nutrient (vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fatty acid) deficiencies that will create disease states later (or sooner!)  Restricting fat intake extremely will lead to hormone imbalances, for example, since EVERY hormone is made from fatty acids!  Restricting carbs for an extremely long term could result in digestive issues from lack of fiber or increase risk of degenerative diseases from lower levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from plant based foods.  Many dieting packaged foods are full of processed ingredients that lack the nutrient density to sustain health long term. 

#3: Boomerang Effect

Studies have shown anywhere from 80-95% of dieting results in the Boomerang Effect.  What’s the Boomerang Effect?  It’s a simple analogy to describe the phenomenon of gaining weight back plus some when we take the dieting approach to weight loss. The Metabolic Typing Diet claims that when weight drops off naturally and effortlessly, it stays off, simply as a side effect of building health from the ground up

#4: Calories In/Calories Out vs. Function

Many diets focus on the calories in/calories out side of the equation vs. the actual function that foods play in creating energy, building hormones, lowering inflammation, detoxifying our cells, etc.  The function side of foods is ignored for the simple equation adjustment of calories in/calories out.  Eat whatever you want as long as you don’t exceed your calories or points for the day.  Eat these certain meal replacements or processed bars that we have calculated will hit your target calorie intake for the day.   While it’s tempting because the mental effort is done for us, dieting often ignores the functional side of health which will only result in new problems down the road plus regain of any weight lost.

#5: Metabolism Killer

Our body’s metabolic controls slow down when we restrict calories or specific macros.  Dieting can throw off our circadian rhythms (sleep/wake cycles), our energy levels and other metabolic  (tear down, build up) processes in the body.  Lowering our BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) is NOT what we want!   Then, when we are off plan and go back to eating our regular caloric amount or types of foods, our metabolic rate can’t keep up and we regain all the weight, plus more!  Every time we diet, it becomes harder and harder to lose that same weight again because of altered metabolism!

What to do instead: 

Personalized Nutrition Plan with a regular Detox Strategy:

So, if we don’t want to get sucked into the dieting cycle, what should we do instead?  I’m a firm believer in lifestyle change, but I do also believe it should be done in a phased approach. 

There are benefits, a need even, for therapeutic diets that are short-term.  This is not a diet approach, but rather a functional approach to reset, rebuild and renew certain functions in the body that will lead to a new lifestyle long-term!!

Consider the Biblical analogy of the Law of the Old Testament.  It was a “tutor” Paul says to bring us to the freedom we have in Christ.  Similarly, with nutrition sometimes it’s necessary to go through the “Law” (the more therapeutic diet) short term to get to freedom.  Food freedom comes from recognizing our weaknesses and rebuilding them so our body can work for us!!

The key is a personalized, phased approach. 

-What combination of foods work best for you?

-What nutrients are you currently deficient in?

-What foods trigger inflammation for you?

These questions and more are answered with our DRESS for Health Coaching Program assessments and functional testing.  As a client you would receive a personalized Food List with…

GREEN GO Foods – Focus on building meals from these mainly

YELLOW CAUTION Foods – Limit to a specific amount a week

RED STOP Foods – Avoid till healing has taken place

Armed with a personalized food list (recipes and meal plans if helpful too!) You can nourish your body AND accomplish your weight goals at the same time while not wreaking havoc on your metabolism!

We adjust your Food List as we go through the Phased approach to accomplish what we need to rebuild metabolic health long term.   This leads to food freedom, reclaimed health and weight mastery that doesn’t require the dieting cycle!!  

Another key component of our personalized nutrition planning is a detox strategy.  This concept is not new. It’s tapping into an ancient tradition of healing and rebalancing that has been implemented across many cultures around the world.  

Detoxification on a regular basis really is the key to cellular health!  And… cellular health is the key to whole body health and ideal weight long term!!

As part of our Coaching Program each client receives a detox strategy personalized to them that they implement either daily or weekly or monthly depending on the phase and goals.  

When we feed out body nutrient dense, high quality foods and support our own methods of detoxifying on a regular basis, THAT is the MASTERY!! 

Don’t get caught up in the shortcut of dieting.  The diet cycle is a dead end. 

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