Every major world religion has a food philosophy reflecting its beliefs about the world, animals, plants, people and how they all relate to each other and their idea of a higher power.   As Christians, believing the world, and all that is in it, is a result of intentional design by the God of the Bible, allows us to understand food through the lens of Scripture.  But how do Scripture and nutrition science align?  

How does the Bible clarify nutrition information?  As Christians we rely on God’s Word as our “rule of faith and practice” for finances, relationships, morality, government… but nutrition?  Food instructions shift from Genesis and “seed bearing plants will be food for you”  to “whatever you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.” 

When an isolated portion of Scripture is pulled out and elevated as the only truth revealed about a certain topic, without looking at the whole message of how it fits into the progression and context… it generates confusion at best and complete error at worst. But when we study Scripture HOLISTICALLY, in context, from Genesis to Revelation, a beautiful framework for nutrition and food emerges.  The message of food in the Bible echoes the same message of the entire Bible.  It’s a message of …

REVELATION: Food Gives Us a Framework to Know God

God WANTS us to know Him. Love Him. Trust Him.   Not a religion, but a relationship.  Food is really all about relationships. With the earth. With the animals. With ourselves.  And ultimately…with God Himself.  That relationship is through faith. Belief is the gate that opens the door to a life of faith. And belief is based on EVIDENCE. Nutrition science is part of this evidence!

I was excited. It was the fall of 2012, and I had just enrolled in NTA’s  nutritional therapy program to learn nutrition.  My youngest would start school soon, and I was seeking to find my next purpose.  But, what I didn’t realize was that God would use nutrition to grow my relationship with Him!  And THAT is complete WELLBEING.

As I started my course work one connection after another of how foods (physical nourishment) provide a beautiful picture of who God is in the person and work of Jesus (spiritual nourishment).  The dietary progression throughout the Bible mirrors the spiritual progression of God’s plan for us!   AND that progression mirrors true nutrition science concepts I was learning! I’m excited to share more with you through the E! Journal and our Eureka! Holistic Nutrition Facebook Page LIVE each Friday afternoon!

But for now… Here is a slide attempting to capture this holistic framework to provide a visual overview. Food instructions shift at each of these seven timeframes in history.  God’s purposes shift, and food reflects those purposes!

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Check out this week’s Intro Video for Food Faith Friday: Biblical Framework for Nutritional Truth

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