Throughout this holiday season and the rest of the winter months, supporting your immune system is just as important (if not more so) than trying to avoid the germs and viruses themselves!  Typically we see an increase in viruses in these months and though over the counter medications help to elevate symptoms, they do not actually support your immune system to fight it. 

 We know that the foods we eat can have an impact on our immune system, and your diet can be especially important while you are sick. We mentioned some Holiday Tips for Diet in this article. But here are three additional tips especially for supporting your immune system: 

Tip #1 Sugar suppresses the immune system – Use natural sweeteners like stevia, monk fruit, raw honey, organic coconut sugar, dates, sucanat (sugar cane natural), organic maple syrup as healthier alternatives to your holiday desserts!

Tip #2 Probiotic Foods boost the immune system (80+% of our immune system is in our guts!)  Add a 1/2 serving of each kombucha, kefir and cultured vegetables daily.

Tip #3 Chicken Bone Broth soups help reseal the gut lining filled with immunoglobulins + provide a myriad of amino acids that build a robust immune system! – Bonafide is a great brand of bone broth, or you can make your own!

We know foods can provide the nutrients our body needs! However, our dietary intake can lack what we need, that is when supplements can be beneficial! Especially during the winter months certain supplements can be helpful in supporting your immune system. 

Here is a list of ten supplements that will help support your immune system this Holiday season: 

#1: Vit. C – at least 2000 mg

#2: Zinc – at least 50 mg

#3: Vit. D – at least 5,000 iu

 #4: Colloidal Silver – 1 tsp a day (Check out the nasal spray version for congestion relief!) 

 #5: Elderberry syrup or lozenges

 #6: Garlic + Honey (1 tsp minced organic garlic + 2 tsp raw honey – mix and take 1x a day) 

 #7: Acerola Cherry Powder in a morning smoothie!

#8: Fresh Ginger Tea – have 1 cup in the evening – warm and comforting + immune boosting

#9: Colostrum – Grass fed sourced – powder that can be added to smoothies

#10: Bone Broth or Bone Broth powder – can make soups or add to smoothies or make hot chocolate!!  (Ancient Nutrition is a great brand) 

Getting your nutrients from the foods you eat and adding additional supplements when needed will help to keep your immune system strong to fight off illnesses this winter! Additional ways to support your immune system are: 

-Get plenty of sleep (try for at least 7-8 hours per night) 

-Choose whole nutrient dense foods 

-Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day 

-Exercise regularly (at least 20 minutes per day) 

-Spend time in prayer and express gratitude for what the Lord has given you (helps to literally turn off your stress response and inflammatory hormones!!)

Interested in ordering any of the supplements listed above? Check out this link:

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