What should we be eating? This is no longer a simple question. But it should be. A Google search will reveal as many different food pyramids as there are calories in a Big Mac!
“For every bunch of nutritional studies telling you that a particular food or nutrient is harmful for you, one can find an equal number of studies telling you how good it is for you.”
(Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, MD – Put Your Heart in Your Mouth)

Food has not always been this complicated and confusing “requiring”sophisticated research and study. But it’s become that. Why? Because our modern food system has departed from these three core principles of nutrition. This departure has happened in stages, and sometimes with good intentions. However, the results have been far from good over time.

There is good news… when we return to these three core principles… we can begin to reclaim what has been lost! Amazing…

In studying nutrition these same three concepts kept rising to the surface when I read about nutrient density, how nutrients function in the body, and the impact of nutrition on our wellbeing!

Principle #1: DESIGN

There is no doubt a natural law governs everything that sustains life on earth. From the sun, and seasons, to gravity and laws of motion, to adaptation ability of creatures all over the globe. Nutrition is simply an expression of these natural laws. There is design to nutrition! And it’s beautiful!!

Nutritional Design says:

  • Natural laws govern that transcend time and culture
  • Seasons matter
  • Humans are physically designed to be omnivores (teeth, digestive system, hormones etc.)
  • Animals are physically designed to accommodate their specific diets needed to support life in their climates and food chain order
  • Plant life supports human and animal life
  • Foods are most nutritious when their design is not impaired

Principle #2: SOURCE

Where did these natural laws that govern our existence come from? Art demands an artist. Law demands a lawmaker. Creation of any kind demands a creator. The source determines quality. Quality determines function. And function determines health.

Nutritional Source says:

  • Local foods are more nutritious than foods imported from thousands of miles away even if labeled organic
  • Soil quality matters
  • Sustainable practices matter to farming and livestock
  • Wild caught vs. farm raised
  • Pastured meats vs. CAFO meat
  • Organic vs. conventional

Principle #3: WHOLENESS

People for centuries found nourishment with what was designed to be eaten in their region without all the degenerative diseases of our modern society. Why? Nutrients are designed to work together. Our body’s systems are designed to work together. When nutrients are removed or denatured in processing, the food quality and value diminishes.

Nutritional Wholeness says:

  • Nutrients need each other (Vit. D needs calcium. Iron needs Vit. C., etc.)
  • Naturally occurring nutrients should remain intake for optimal nutrition
  • Fortification and enrichment are poor substitutes for wholeness (function/absorption is impaired)
  • Processing should only enhance nutrient quality (lightly cooking certain veggies, sprouting or fermenting foods multiplies their nutritional value)
  • The further removed from foods’ whole state, the further removed from health we become. (dairy and wheat are the foods most removed in our modern system, and those are the very foods that are causing the most health/food sensitivity issues seen today)

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