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Workplace Wellness

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Both Virtual and On-Site Program Options Available in the state of Georgia

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1 hour 

Focus on health and wellness with your team in these 1 hr seminars covering the topics of Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Mastery and Supplemental Therapies from a functional medicine and Biblical, faith-based perspective + treat your team to a healthy lunch!!

Seminars Include:

  • DRESS Interactive Seminar 
  • Seminar Materials
  • Goodie Bags for each participant
  • Resource Table
  • Healthy Lunch

Interested in hosting a Lunch N Learn Event?  Let’s talk!!


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D.R.E.S.S. for Health Workshop Event

Half Day On-site 

From promotion and registration, to the event itself we work with your organization to ensure DRESS for Health Workshop Event is a success for everyone!  Complete the Interest Form to schedule a free Discovery Session to explore the how this Workshop   could work for your group!

DRESS for Health Workshop Event Planning Includes:

  • Promotional Materials
  • Registration Link & Communications
  • 4hr Interactive Workshop Sessions: Diet. Rest. Exercise. Stress Mastery. Supplemental Therapies.
  • My DRESS Profile Assessments
  • Resource Table with healthy snacks & drinks
  • Personalized DRESS Wellness Protocol for all registered participants
Impact your team. Share the message.

Interested in offering a personalized wellness plan to your employees, faculty or staff?  DRESS for Health Workshop Series can help!

  • Offer a Biblical, whole person wellness workshop to your team
  • Empower your team to live healthy lives to glorify God
  • Improve organization productivity, culture, retention and engagement
  • Be a channel to spread the message of God’s design for our physical and spiritual health
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5-Phase D.R.E.S.S. for Health Workplace Wellness Program

You provide the people.  We provide the program. 

There are many workplace wellness options you could choose for your team.  But there is none that includes the combination of on-site & virtual:

  • Functional Medicine approach through clinic partner Real Health Medical
  • Functional Lab Testing
  • DNA Assessment
  • Faith-based On Demand Course Modules
  • 1:1 Coaching every 2 weeks throughout entire program
  • Weekly Mastery Monday Group Coaching Sessions
  • User friendly, all – in – one platform
  • Mastery Challenges
  • Personalized DRESS Protocols
  • Progress Tracking tools


Health Results Guaranteed!
  • Lifestyle Progress tracking with Diet, Rest, Exercise, Hydration Journal Tools
  • At home urine strips measures glucose, ketones, fat burning and more!
  • Metabolic Health Bloodwork markers (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile)
  • Nutrition deficiencies identified that could be at the root of health issues
  • Gut health markers rebalanced to avoid embarrassing digestive issues that negatively impact work productivity
  • Neurotransmitters for concentration and focus
  • Hormone level optimization for a happy team
  • Weight Mastery – beyond just the number on the scale to keep your team looking professional
  • Symptom Burden Scores improved to reduce illness related expenses and absenteeism
  • Prepare missionaries, pastors or Christian leaders to enter their field of ministry physically healthy

From promotion, to registration, to kickoff DRESS Week, we partner with you every step of the way!! 

Interested in learning more about DRESS for Health Workplace Wellness Program for your team?  Let’s talk!! 


Become a Workplace Wellness Partner! 

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1hr DRESS Topic Seminar + Healthy Lunch Provided!



5-Day DRESS Workshop Series + Personalized Wellness Plans Provided!

Wellness Program

5-Phase DRESS for Health Workplace Wellness Program for your team!

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Your presentation was so informative and engaging! You made the framework concepts easy to understand to our diverse audience.  The practical personalization was a hit! Everyone wants you to come back again next year!!”

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