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Every Christian desires to live healthy, to feel strong, to take care of their bodies, to fulfill their purpose.


Nutrition can be complicated and confusing


It’s DIFFICULT TO KNOW what advice to follow


What works for one, may not work for another 




THE go-to diet/exercise plan isn’t working anymore

Cut through confusion.

Discover God’s framework.

Build your DRESS protocol.

Ready to get started?

Dress for Health Online Course is self-paced, video lessons that walk you through Diet. Rest. Exercise. Stress Mastery and Supplements from a functional medicine, faith based perspective.   DRESS for Health modules are accessible from your laptop, desktop, phone or other mobile device!

BONUS:  Personalized Get Started Dress Protocol Included

My Dress Profile assessments are loaded at the end of each module.  The last Module walks you through how to enter your DRESS Assessment results in our Calculator Tool to download your Get Started DRESS Protocol.


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table top chalkboard with words of real food

Module 1:


Nutritional truth applied to real life.

Video Lessons + Resource Library

What you will discover:

  • What is healthy eating? How to know if nutrition information is TRUE… Eliminate confusion!
  • How to create healthy meals being busy and on a budget
  • How do I customize my own nutrition plan?
  • Does God really care what I eat?
  • What does the Bible say about nutrition?
  • How does my relationship with God impact my relationship with food?
  • The power of faith in the Gospel over food cravings, food addictions and eating disorders
  • Why nutrition HISTORY is just as important as nutrition science
  • The 3 Nutrient Density Principles that support all others, and how to live by them
  • Food quality: The worst to best scale
  • How sin affected our food system
  • A simple meal planning TEMPLATE to save time in the kitchen
  • MASTERING calories, macros & portions
table top chalkboard with words of real food
man sleeping

Module 2:


Rest Rx for restored energy and strength.

Video Lessons & Resource Library

What you will discover:

  • The Three H’s for Rest Rx: Habit, Hygiene and Hormones
  • The Seven Types of Rest
  • Biblical model of resting
  • How to reset your circadian rhythm and cycles of rest
  • The link between stress and sleep
  • The link between sugar balance and sleep
  • The link between digestive wellness and sleep
  • Addressing the root metabolic causes for disrupted sleep
  • Natural sleep remedies

Module 3:


Fitness is not a fantasy. It’s a necessity.

Video Lessons & Resource Library

What you will discover:

  • The Three Fitness Macros: Endurance, Flexibilty & Strength
  • The FITT Formula for personalizing your exercise routine
  • How to get your metabolism to work for you, not against you
  • How to incorporate movement and exercise when sick or injured
  • The Whole Body method
  • Building movement naturally into your day
  • Strategies on building progression into your exercise routine
  • How to calculate your THR and intensity level
  • What type of exercises work best for you
  • Practical tips for staying active that require no extra time
  • Intermittent exercise model
  • Tips to enjoy exercise and stay motivated

hammer breaking stone with the word stress on it

Module 4:


Turn stress into strength

Includes: Video Lessons & Resource Library

What you will discover:

  • The three main types of stress: Physical, Psychological & Spiritual
  • The Five A’s of Stress Mastery
  • The link between physical stressors and health
  • The link between psychological stressors and health
  • The link between spiritual stressors and health
  • How to renew our minds
  • How our relationship with God turns stress to strength
  • How to overcome 7 Spiritual Stressors
  • Natural coping strategies to lower stress impacts
  • Natural solutions to  modulate your stress response to overcome false moods,  build resilience and  balance hormones

Module 5:


Stimulate. Support. Solve.

Video Lessons & Resource Library

What you will discover:

  • Why take supplements?
  • Nutritional supplements: Hype or Help?
  • The two types of supplement: Functional & Nutrient
  • How to read a supplement label
  • The Three Rule quality test
  • How to titrate dosing
  • How to sequence and simplify
  • The Three Levels of supplementation: As needed, Maintenance, Therapeutic
  • The pros & cons of different supplement forms (liquid, powder, capsule and tablet) and how to know which one to use
  • When not to take supplements
  • Core Four supplement protocol for wellness
  • Supplement Types – and how to identify yours

Raves for Eureka!

Incredibly knowledgeable

Several years ago I completed Karen’s nutrition classes. She is incredibly knowledgeable regarding nutrition and the human body, however, she is just as incredible in her care for each individual’s personal outcome and issues. what a tremendous help her classes and coaching were to me!”

~ Kaye T.


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