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You are unique. Your nutrition protocol should be too.

Need Help with Food?

Take the guesswork out of meal planning

Follow a personalized, dietitian approved food plan

Navigate food sensitivities or a specific health condition

Save time & money on healthy eating

Discover the power of nutrition to restore health

Nutrition Protocol Tools


Personalized Numbers

  • Caloric Range – how many calories do you need?
  • Macro Ratios – what is the source of your calories?
  • Portions – how much food does that look like?

Food Plan Guides

  • Explain your specific food plan
  • Provide food lists and recipes
  • Shopping tips and food quality education


  • Personalized Meal Ideas
  • Calendar of Meals
  • Customize preferences & Dietary restrictions
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Food List

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Step 1

Complete Client Intake Form to receive your personalized Nutrition Protocol Package recommendation

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Step 2

Receive your Invitation to complete your Online Assessments & Schedule your Get Started Session

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Step 3

Complete any recommended lab testing and Schedule R&R Session

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Step 4

Receive your Nutrition Protocol!  

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Step 5

Check -in with your Coach, Track & Celebrate your Progress

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Here’s how it works…

At Eureka we take a functional medicine approach with our clients.  Food is medicine!!    We offer a variety of nutritional assessments and lab testing options to help develop your personalized nutrition protocols.  Test, don’t guess with the goal of  addressing the root cause, not just managing symptoms. 

That’s functional nutrition.  That’s therapeutic nutrition.  

We know nourishing whole foods and high quality, targeted supplements can provide the support your body needs at a foundational level.  Your personalized protocols are based on functional medicine research, Biblical truth and YOU!

Coaching Consultation Package:

Get Started Session (30 min) Review your goals & Nutrition Assessments, Explain any Lab Testing Recommendations and Schedule your R&R Protocol Session

  • R&R Results & Recommendations Session (60 min) Review your Lab Testing results and your personalized nutrition protocol recommendations.
  • (2) Check-in Session (15 min each)
  • Unlimited Chat Message Support
  • Follow Up Session (30 min) Celebrate progress and review your protocol for any adjustments 

Online Platform & Mobile App: 

The virtual platform provides a client with the tools necessary to achieve their nutritional goals.   Meet virtually with your Coach.  Use the Journal Tools to track progress. Access your Nutrition Protocol, Meal Plans and Resources.  Chat message your Coach. Order supplements.  All in one place!  Download our mobile app – Better by Practice Better for on- the- go access.

Specialty Areas: 

Whether you’re goal is a seasonal detox, nutritional protocol for a specific health condition, losing weight or just eating well to maintain health… Eureka! has a protocol for you!  

Health areas we support with nutrition are: 

  • Detoxification 
  • Digestive Wellness
  • Hormone Balance 
  • Weight Optimization
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Diabetes 
  • Heart Health 
  • Anxiety/Depression 
  • Lyme & Co-infection Recovery 
  • Cancer
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s

Try our Free Calculator Tool:

Meal Planning 101 Archive - Real Plans

Sample Food Plan Options

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