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Coming Fall of 2023!!

Share the message of God’s amazing design and love for us through food!!  Food Faith Tracts, Food Faith Booklet and the Food Faith Bible Study connect nutrition history with nutrition science to build faith in the person and work of Jesus revealed through food.

From Genesis to Revelation the message of food in the Bible is not one of health primarily.  It’s one of REVELATION.  Discover how God’s Seven Purposes for Food can change your life and deepen your relationship with God!




Biblical Framework for Nutritional Truth mini course highlights God’s design in the Seven Purposes for Food straight to your inbox. Enroll to gain free access to one lesson a day for seven days!

Food Faith Tracts

Share the message of God’s amazing love through nutrition.

The Gospel according to food.

Share God’s love AND healthy food information to someone you care about, or have some on hand in your church lobby or place of business. 

Preorder by clicking the button and you will be redirected to our Connect Page to fill out the form and check Preorder Food Faith Resources.  Indicate in the Message you are interested in Food Faith Tracts and the quality you would like, and we will keep you in the loop on when these are ready to order!!

Food Faith Booklet

The Food Faith Connection

Clarifying Nutrition for Biblical Christians

How does my relationship with God affect my relationship with food?  Does the Bible give nutrition instruction that I should follow today?  How does nutrition history clarify nutrition science?  What does true Biblical nutrition look like today in our modern world?  Does the Gospel offer freedom from food addictions? 

All these questions and more are answered with a look at the Seven Purposes of Food from Genesis to Revelation.  God’s purposes for food mirror His purposes for our lives!  

Preorder to put your name on the list to stay in the loop on when the Food Faith Booklets are ready to order!  Both digital and hardcopy booklets will be published. 


Food Faith Bible Study

The Food Faith Connection Bible Study

Dive into God’s Word with an up close look at each of the Seven Purposes for Food in Scripture.  Walk through history and learn about Biblical foods, healthy eating and the connection of God’s design for our nourishment both physically and spiritually!

This 12-Week Online Bible Study provides:

* Digital Study Guide 

* Digital Resource Library

* Digital Leader Guide (if using for a group)

Ready to Get Started?

Share the message of food and faith today!!


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