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D.R.E.S.S. Programs


Taking you from where you are…

To where you want to be.

Sometimes we don’t know exactly where we want to be.  We just know we need direction. 

Whether you’re a client seeking answers to your own health concerns, or a coach passionate about making a difference, or a clinic desiring to offer a more holistic care model…

Eureka! Dress Programs may just be the path you are seeking.  Dress Programs are highly personalized and Coach directed.  They are not designed to be cookie-cutter, DIY programs. 

Because… It’s really not about the program.  It’s about the person. 

Become a client to walk this path for yourself!  Become a coach to empower your clients! Become a partner to build a collaborative, holistic care team!  

Dress Programs Offer a Phased Approach

 Let’s Rebuild Metabolic Health Together


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Stress Mastery

Supplemental Therapies

Personalized Dress Protocols designed with you by your Coach based on your assessments and functional lab testing.  Phase Guides explain the focus of your protocol and point you to the Resource Library that provides practical tools to help make your protocol work for you. 

Be empowered as a Client, Coach or Clinic partner with the lifestyle support  needed for mastering health goals!  Each Dress Program Phase includes:



For Clients:  Your Dress Protocol is specific to YOU based on the 5 Pillars of Lifestyle Health: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Mastery, Supplemental Therapies.  Your Protocol is designed from your assessments and functional lab testing for that specific program phase.

For Coaches:  Dress Protocol Templates provide specific guidance to help you personalize your client’s DRESS protocol based on their unique profile and their program phase.

For Clinics: Dress Protocol Templates are branded for your practice and can be personalized to your clients based on your practice recommendations and services.



For Clients:  Each Phase Guide explains your Dress Protocol, and provides additional direction and tips to make your protocol work for you!  The Phase Guide points you to specific Resources found in the Library for that phase.

For Coaches:  Phase Guides offer the educational support for protocol recommendations.  Phase Guides give you a done-for-you resource that provides a tool for you to coach across.

For Clinics:  This educational tool highlights Dress lifestyle components of each program phase, and is branded and can be customized to your practice  recommendations and services.



For Clients:  EHN Resource Library has amazing tools to help you! Downloadable Templates, Exercise Videos, Mastery Challenges,  and much more!

For Coaches:  The Resource Library is a collection of all things DRESS related that you can easily direct a client to a particular resource and even create your own to add to our Library!

For Clinics:  Provide your patients with the resources they need for implementing their protocols all in one place!  Use the Resource Library as a Membership Site for ongoing patient support!

Dress Program Phases



Dress Programs offer a phased, functional medicine approach, with each phase building on the next in an intentional sequence.  Complete one or more of the Four Mastery Phases (Reset, Rebuild, Renew and Reclaim) highlighted below at your own pace, but without pause to keep momentum and not lose progress.  Each Phase focuses on the metabolic root causes to go beyond managing symptoms to MASTERING health. 

Dress Programs integrate beautifully with clinical protocols for our partner clinics or can be done as a stand alone program with the guidance of a highly qualified Eureka! Coach.

Whether you are a Client, Coach or Clinic our Dress Programs provide natural, lifestyle solutions for those struggling with complex health conditions, weight loss resistance, cancer, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, mental and emotional health.  Reclaim control of your health!!

Our team is continuing to develop new Dress Programs to add to our Program Menu.  Become a Partner to work with us on a custom Dress Program not listed on the Program Menu to the right.

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Health Mastery
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WEight Mastery
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Cancer Mastery
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Autoimmune Mastery
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Diabetes Mastery
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MOOD Mastery
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Mind Mastery
  PHASE 1: Reset


Go beyond calories in calories out, remove trigger foods, lower inflammation, minimize cravings, reset blood sugar to energy cycles with your Dress for Detox protocol routine.



Heal your gut. Heal your body.  Tap into the Gut/Brain connection to begin to Rebuild your digestive and immune wellness  with your Dress for Healing protocol routine.

  PHASE 3: Renew


Renew your haywire hormones and stress  system responses of the nervous system to overcome false moods, renew vitality, and feel like yourself again with your Dress for Balance protocol routine.



Mastery is freedom.  Put it all together to create your wellness lifestyle.  Master chronic disease and sustain results to reclaim your health for life with your Dress for mastery protocol routine.

Let’s Get Started

Become a Client

Interested in enrolling in a Dress Program? Complete our Intake Form to share more about your goals. We will review your Intake and be in touch via email with program track and phase recommendations, pricing, and next steps to get started!

Become a Coach

Interested in offering Dress Coaching Programs to your clients or joining the EHN team? Complete our Coach Application to share more about yourself. We will review your Application and be in touch via email on next steps!

Become a Partner

Interested in offering Dress Coaching Programs to your patients? Complete our Partner Interest form to set up a meeting to learn more! Our team also offers Program Development if there is a specific Dress Program your practice would like to offer that is not on our menu.


To Common Questions

What diet does the E! Discovery Coaching recommend?

A variety of diets can be considered healthy.  We do not subscribe to any single nutrition recommendation as THE right way to eat for everyone.  Our focus is on nutrient dense, whole foods that have been around for generations! We also recognize that in our modern world and current health profiles, high quality nutrition supplementation can also be necessary and life changing!   Your nutrition plan will be based on the Mastery Phase & YOU!  More info about our full nutrition philosophy.

How long does it take to complete the DRESS Mastery Phases?

A: Dress Coaching is all about the person, not the program. How quickly you move through each of the phases is completely up to you and your Coach. However, each DRESS Protocol is designed to be 4 weeks.  These protocols can be repeated for another 4 weeks for example.  Each Phase builds on the previous, so continuing them without pause will help you not to lose progress and keep your momentum going!

Each Phase has Coaching Sessions included. See our Dress Coaching page for more info. You can always add a single Coaching Session or package if you need to extend a phase beyond what’s included.

What is NOT included in the DRESS Coaching Programs?

Dress Coaching Programs include Coaching consultation services, personalized protocols, phase guides, resource libraries, and private Client Portal.  The  following items are additional costs since they are customized to you.

  • Functional Lab Testing
  • Supplements
How does the Functional Lab Testing work?

Eureka! is partnered with Rupa Health and clinic partners to offer functional lab testing direct to you. Functional labs are different than what is typically tested through your Primary Care or Specialist and support our root cause approach.

Our labs often involve at home test kits. They are discounted cash pay that are not directly billed to insurance. Payment options for labs include: Credit or Debit card, Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) Health Spending Accounts (HSA) or 3-Month Payment Plans through Rupa Health.

If you wish to pursue insurance coverage retroactively, the team at Rupa Health is happy to provide the necessary codes and a superbill for you to fill out and submit to your insurance provider or work with our clinic partner to bill insurance through Labcorp or Quest vendors.

  • If you have had testing done within the last 3 months, we will want to confirm it is comparable. Some of main Lab Testing we use:
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • SpectraCell
  • MRT and Zoomers
  • GI Map
  • DUTCH Complete
  • OAT (Organic Acids Test)
What is included in the DRESS Coaching Platform?

Download our mobile app – Better by Practice Better or log in on your computer or device through (My Portal).  Chat with your coach, journal your progress, book coaching sessions, complete your Mastery Modules, access recipes, meal plans, and D.R.E.S.S. protocols.  Even order lab testing and supplements within your portal.  Search our nutritional database, with over 600,000 foods directly or by using your mobile app bar scanner. Create your customized food lists and build your favorite “go-to” recipe collection for easy shopping.  Take a picture of your meal for easy Food Journaling.   Sync your FitBit to automatically load your sleep and activity for the day to your Lifestyle Journal.

Here’s quick guided tour of the Member Portal:

How long can I access my Client Account?

You have lifetime access to your Client Account with all the Program contents, notes, protocols, journal tools, etc.

Is the Member Portal secure?

Yes! Our platform is both HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.  All your information is highly protected according to our privacy policy.

Who is NOT a good fit for DRESS Coaching Programs?

Dress Coaching is NOT a good fit for those who are:

  • Wanting to eat strictly vegan
  • Opposed to the Christian faith-based perspective
  • Looking for a more cookie cutter, done for you diet or exercise program to follow short term
What is your cancellation / refund policy?

Dress Coaching Programs are paid per phase or in full at a discount. If you choose to cancel enrollment, EHN would issue a refund for any Coaching services not used, and deactivate your account and access to the platform.

Raves for Eureka!

I'm Thrilled!

Had an appointment with my cardiologist today.  Had a sonogram to check my carotid arteries. Last year there was 30% blockage in both.  They are both CLEAR except a small amount in the left one.  I am thrilled that my diet has had such a good effect! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

~ S. Davis



Want to just learn for now?

Check out our Dress for Health Online Course
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