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Every Christian desires to live healthy, to feel strong, to take care of their bodies, to fulfill their purpose.


Nutrition is more complicated than you realized


You aren’t sure what advice to follow


You thought you were eating healthy, but you still don’t feel well or see results from your efforts


You want to Master your weight not manage it


Your go-to diet isn’t working anymore

Cut through confusion.

Discover God’s framework.

Build your customized path.

Ready to get started?

Eureka! Discovery Nutrition Course provides a 4 Module holistic nutrition framework from a Christian, faith based perspective!  Our flexible learning platform allows you to access and complete the video lessons at your own pace.

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Each Module includes a Resource Library with Recipes, Self Assessments, Tip Sheets, Templates, Sample Natural Protocols and MORE!

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Four Modules answer your most pressing questions:

  • What nutrition advice should I follow?

  • How can I create healthy meals with my schedule?

  • What are some basic nutrition strategies for digestive and metabolic related health and weight concerns?

  • How do I customize my own nutrition and wellness routine?

  • Does God really care what I eat?  What does the Bible say about nutrition?

  • How does my relationship with God impact my health and relationship with food?

Module 1:


Framework for Nutritional Truth Applied to Your Everyday Life

Video Lessons + Resource Library: 6+hrs. Instruction, Challenges, Templates & Guides + Chat support

What you will discover:

  • What is healthy eating? How to know if nutrition information is TRUE… Eliminate confusion!
  • How to transition to a nutrient dense, whole foods way of eating
  • Why nutrition HISTORY is just as important as nutrition science
  • The 3 Nutrient Density Principles that support all others, and how to live by them
  • The worst to best nutrition scale for food groups
  • God’s #1 purpose for food
  • How sin affected our food system
  • A simple meal planning TEMPLATE to save time in the kitchen
  • How to shop for nutritious foods and SAVE MONEY doing it
  • How to build, simple, NUTRIENT DENSE meals consistently with a busy schedule
  • MASTERING calories, macros & portions


food within heart dish next to stethoscope

Module 2:


Core Restore: The 5R Protocol

Video Lessons & Resource Library: 10+hrs. Instruction,  Self Assessments Challenges + Chat support

What you will discover:

  • The Five R Protocol to restore digestive wellness: Upper GI, Mid GI & Lower GI
  • Why stomach acid is good for you
  • Nutritional strategies to support liver/gallbladder function
  • The CORE FOUR foods to RESTORE your CORE
  • How the NATURAL LAWS obeyed bring freedom
  • The nutritional significance of Mosaic Law
  • The link between digestive health and MENTAL/EMOTIONAL health:  depression, anxiety, ADHD, learning, memory & cognitive
  • The link between digestive health and METABOLIC BALANCE: weight loss, blood sugar regulation, hormone balance
  • The link between digestive health and the IMMUNE SYSTEM: allergies, asthma, infections, skin conditions, autoimmune
  • Sample detox plan + supplement recommendations for gut healing based on 5R Protocol
  • Natural digestive symptom relief strategies


Module 3:


Metabolic Makeover: Hormones, Moods and Weight Management

Video Lessons & Resource Library: 15+hrs. Instruction,  Challenges, Sample Protocols + Chat support

What you will discover:

  • How nutrition can RESET Metabolism
  • What is a false mood and how to REBALANCE your EMOTIONS
  • How to get your metabolism to work for you, not against you
  • How Christ and the Gospel reclaims wellbeing (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)
  • MASTER vs. manage your weight – going beyond calories in calories out
  • Practical tips for staying ACTIVE that require NO extra time
  • What to eat when stressed
  • Nutritional strategies for a refreshing night’s SLEEP
  • How to turn stress into STRENGTH
  • Key nutritional strategies for optimal sugar balance and insulin resistance support
  • FREEDOM from food control & cravings


Faith Based Nutrition CoverL bible with food aroumd it

Module 4:


Substance of Hope: Food Freedom

Includes: Video Lessons & Resource Library: 5+hrs. Instruction, Challenges,  Food Freedom Tools + Chat support

What you will discover:

  • God’s 7 PURPOSES for Nutrition applied to your everyday life
  • The message of food in the Bible (7 Progressions of Revelation)
  • How nutrition science confirms your FAITH in the God of creation
  • How food reflects who God is and His plan for you
  • The 3 Principles of Spiritual Density that mirror Nutrient Density
  • How our relationship with God can heal our relationship with food
  • How to overcome 7 Spiritual Stressors
  • Finding the path to FOOD FREEDOM
  • The Food Freedom difference!
  • The MISSING PIECE to reclaim lasting wellbeing
  • The power of faith in the Gospel over food cravings, food addictions and eating disorders


Raves for Eureka!

Incredibly knowledgeable

Several years ago I completed Karen’s nutrition classes. She is incredibly knowledgeable regarding nutrition and the human body, however, she is just as incredible in her care for each individual’s personal outcome and issues. what a tremendous help her classes and coaching were to me!”

~ Kaye T.


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