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Discovery Coaching


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

& Holistic Health Coaching

Your WEIGHT MASTERY solution is not found in a program.  It’s found in a PATH. 

Your path of self care, walked with you, customized to you, is all about helping you end the cycle of management and follow the path to mastery.   Our unique blend of science, history and heart focuses on the whole person, and is wrapped in a Christian, faith-based community of support. 

Ready to Master Your Weight for Life?

 Let’s Rebuild METABOLIC Health SO you can 


  • Look and feel your BEST for those who depend on you the most
  • Achieve your ideal weight permanently without the management struggle
  • Efficiently convert your food to energy rather than storing it as fat
  • Master negative moods, emotional eating and food cravings
  • Turn stress to strength


  • Rebalance haywire hormones that stall your progress
  • Feel energized and rested again
  • Live free of digestive distress and abdominal pain 
  • Enhance your immunity to resist viruses and infections
  • Build physical and mental resilience to meet the demands of your life
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Our Phased Approach

Imagine the FREEDOM that comes from looking and feeling your best!  Discovery Coaching provides a step by step path to rebalance your metabolic controls so you can MASTER your weight and health naturally.  Our Functional Medicine, root cause approach bridges the gap between medical care and self care, empowering you to break free of the symptom management cycle and experience the MASTERY difference.  

Discovery Coaching for weight mastery is all about helping you rebuild metabolic health through our unique, phased approach that customizes your Five Pillars of Health Success: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Mastery and Supplements.  Each of these five pillars WORK TOGETHER; not one pillar supports mastery alone.  Our functional diagnostic framework doesn’t guess with your health.  We assess.  We test.  We make correlations to YOU to create your customized D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success protocols based on the phase you are mastering.


Go beyond calories in calories out to reset metabolism by removing trigger foods, lowering inflammation, balancing blood sugar and energy, detoxing, mastering cravings to create a consistent wellness routine. 

Phase 1 Includes…

  • Phase 1 Reset Guide
  • Reset MASTERY Modules
  • Functional Lab Testing: MRT Food Sensitivities Testing
  • Customized Reset D.R.E.S.S. Protocol & Routine
  • COACH Support based on Membership Level   


Your digestive system holds the key to sustained weight mastery.  Rebuild your digestive wellness  with our holistic, functional 5R Protocol approach, so you live free of digestive related weight and health issues. 

Phase 2 Includes…

  • Phase 2 Rebuild Guide
  • Rebuild MASTERY Modules
  • Functional Lab Testing: GI Map for Digestive Wellness
  • Customized Rebuild D.R.E.S.S. Protocol & Routine
  • COACH Support based on Membership Level   


Weight Mastery happens when your body is given the tools it needs to restore balance to  haywire hormones, overcome false moods, turn stress into strength and restore quality sleep.  

Phase 3 Includes…

Coach Support Memberships

Complete the Mastery Phases at your own pace with as much Coach support as you need!   Your monthly membership offers the flexibility to pause, deactivate, level up or level down at any time.  You will automatically be enrolled in the next phase unless you choose to pause or deactivate your membership.   

Your secure Member Portal and Mobile App make it easy to access everything you need anywhere you are!   Attend your virtual Coaching Sessions, track your progress, access your Phase Resources, D.R.E.S.S. Protocols, Self Assessments and Lab Test Results.  Chat with your Coach and other Mastery Members PLUS order supplements at a 10% discount… all in one place! 



I need Coach guidance as I go, but it doesn’t have to be live sessions. Chat support works great for me!

  • Unlimited Chat Support
  • Journal Entry Feedback 
  • Weekly Chat Check-ins
  • Member Support Group Chat


            GROUP COACHING

I know I need the energy, shared learning and accountability of a group. PLUS I’d like to meet LIVE with my Coach. 

  • Unlimited Chat Support
  • Journal Entry Feedback 
  • Weekly Chat Check-ins
  • Member Support Group Chat 
  • Weekly Mastery Mondays LIVE Group Coaching (60 min.) 

            LEVEL 3: COMPLETE


I need complete support with additional, biweekly 1:1 private Coaching Consultations. 

  • Unlimited Chat Support
  • Journal Entry Feedback
  • Weekly Chat Check-ins 
  • Member Support Group Chat 
  • Weekly Mastery Mondays LIVE Group Coaching (60 min.)
  • 1:1 Coaching Consultations (60 min.)

    How it Works

    Get started today for only $199!  Gain immediate access to My Metabolic Mastery Profile and Coach Chat Support taking you step by step to create your Get Started D.R.E.S.S. Protocol.   Book your 1:1 Get Started Coaching Consultation to review your results!  

    Step 1

    Apply Now

    Create your Metabolic Mastery Profile 

    How do I customize my nutrition plan?  When should I be eating?  Do I need to be taking supplements? If so, which ones?  What exercises work best for me right now?  What hidden stressors are affecting my weight?  How do I get started mastering my weight?

    Discover all this and more when you create your own personalized Metabolic Mastery Profile.   APPLY TODAY for only $199 to get immediate access to our step by step Mastery Profile Guide and discover your customized Get Started D.R.E.S.S. Protocol results!

    Step 2

    Review Results

     Book your Get Started Coaching Consultation

    Your application fee of $199 includes access to our  Mastery Profile Guide with step by step instructions + virtual 1:1 Get Started Coaching Consultation!   Review your profile results with a Coach to finalize your Get Started D.R.E.S.S. Protocol.

    Your Get Started Coaching Consultation is 60 min. and your Metabolic Mastery Profile must be completed before booking.   To book your session simply “Request a Session” within your Member Portal,  choose Get Started Session from your Metabolic Mastery Profile Package. 

      Step 3

       Choose Membership 

      Enroll in Discovery Coaching metabolic Mastery Path

      After reviewing your Get Started D.R.E.S.S. Protocol, your Coach will invite you to enroll in our phased metabolic mastery path that will take you from Get Started to Mastery Magic in a phased sequence.  

      Complete enrollment forms and gain immediate access to Discovery Coaching Guide & Metabolic Mastery Program.  The Mastery Modules unlock each week and your membership level determines your Coach support.  Membership Enrollment includes:

      • Mastery Modules
      • Customized DRESS Protocols
      • Functional Lab Testing (separate test fees apply)
      • Coach Support based on Membership Level

      Step 4

        Keep Momentum 

      Earn Member Rewards and stay connected

      Mastery Members who complete Phases 1-3 receive 3 months FREE Discovery Club Membership as a way to celebrate their mastery success! Stay connected to your Member Portal, Coach chat support, supplement discounts and access our extensive Member Resource Library with your annual Discovery Club membership.  Access anytime…

      • Classes & Programs
      • Recipe Collections & Meal Plans
      • Supplement & D.R.E.S.S. Protocols
      • E! Favorites: Articles, Videos, Templates & MORE!
      • Discovery Club Community
      • Coach Chat support


      To Common Questions

      What diet does the E! Discovery Coaching recommend?

      A variety of diets can be considered healthy.  We do not subscribe to any single nutrition recommendation as THE right way to eat for everyone.  Our focus is on nutrient dense, whole foods that have been around for generations! We also recognize that in our modern world and current health profiles, high quality nutrition supplementation can also be necessary and life changing!   Your nutrition plan will be based on the Mastery Phase & YOU!  More info about our full nutrition philosophy.

      How long does it take to complete the Discovery Coaching Phases?

      Discovery Coaching is all about the person, not the program.  How quickly you move through each of the phases is completely up to you and your Coach.   Each Phase builds on the previous, and continuing them without pause will help you not to lose any progress you have worked so hard to make!

      Spending more time in Phase 2 on Digestive Rebuild may be appropriate for some for example.  A new Phase Mastery Module opens every week, but you can take as much time as you like to complete each one.  If you were to complete one Mastery a week each Phase would be 8 weeks. 


      What is NOT included in my Monthly Membership?

      Monthly Membership covers our Coaching services, customized protocols, Member Portal and Phase Mastery content.  The following are additional costs that are not included since they are paid separately and customized to you.

      Functional Lab Testing:  Your lab testing is key to your mastery success and is based on the phase.  Functional lab testing allows us to provide highly customized D.R.E.S.S. protocols.  Without the testing we would be guessing.

      Supplements:  Professional grade supplements through our online integrated dispensaries are customized to you and
      can be ordered directly from your Member Portal and shipped to your door!

      Wellness Retreats: Hosted 1-2x a year or customized for your group!  After members complete Phases 1-3 the Discovery Club is open to them that includes a VIP Pass (discounted registration + perks) for our Wellness Retreat.
      Meet other Discovery members or potential members, enjoy interactive weekend celebrating and learning together!

      How does the Functional Lab Testing work?

      Functional labs are different than what is typically tested through your Primary Care or Specialist.  These labs are discounted, cash pay, direct to consumer service that is not typically covered by insurance since they are not tied to any medical diagnosis or billing code.   This allows us and you to access the needed testing without restriction or limitations of insurance coverage.  Eureka! does not bill insurance directly for any services, but some insurance plans may offer a wellness reimbursement policy for nutrition and wellness consultative services related to a certain coded medical condition.  Check with your insurance provider on your specific policy wellness coverage options.

      Also, many HSA (Health Savings Account) of FSA (Flex Spending Account) can often cover these tests.  Check with your plan provider to confirm coverage.

      Phase 1: Reset

      MRT Food Sensitivity Info & Sample Report – $375

      Phase 2: Rebuild

      GI Map Pathogen Screen & Sample Report – $450

      Phase 3:  Restore

      DUTCH Complete Metabolic & Hormone Panel & Sample Report– $350

      These Functional lab tests can be purchased directly from your Member Portal.  Your Coach will coordinate all instructions and kits will be sent directly to you.

      If you have had similar testing done within the last 3 months, we will want to be confirm any testing is current and comparable.   You can share those test results with your Coach through your Member Portal on Practice Better.

      What is included in the Discovery Coaching Platform?

      Download our mobile app – Better by Practice Better or log in on your computer or device through (My Portal).  Chat with your coach, journal your progress, book coaching sessions, complete your Mastery Modules, access recipes, meal plans, and D.R.E.S.S. protocols.  Even order lab testing and supplements within your portal.  Search our nutritional database, with over 600,000 foods directly or by using your mobile app bar scanner. Create your customized food lists and build your favorite “go-to” recipe collection for easy shopping.  Take a picture of your meal for easy Food Journaling.   Sync your FitBit to automatically load your sleep and activity for the day to your Lifestyle Journal. 

      Here’s quick guided tour of the Member Portal:

      Is there a mobile app?

      Yes! Once you have ENROLLED, download the Better app for on-the-go access.  You can even listen to the Discovery Lessons from the convenience of your phone! PLUS sync it with your FitBit for even easier progress journal tracking!

      How long can I access My Portal?

      All Discovery Coaching Guides + resources,  D.R.E.S.S. protocols, session notes, Mastery Modules, journal data, etc can be accessed as long as your membership is active. After completing Phase 1-3 you will be invited to join the Discovery Club at $39 month with the first 3 months FREE!

      Is the Member Portal secure?

      Yes! Our platform is both HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.  All your information is highly protected according to our privacy policy.

      Who is NOT a good fit for Discovery Coaching?

      Discovery Coaching is NOT a good fit for those who are:

      • Wanting to eat strictly vegan
      • Opposed to the Christian faith-based approach
      • Looking for more of a cookie cutter, “done for you” diet or exercise program to follow short term
      • Currently undergoing treatment for cancer, kidney disease or other serious, life threatening condition
      What is your cancellation / refund policy?

      Monthly Membership payments are automatically drafted each month on your sign up date.  You can choose to pause, deactivate, level up or level down at any time!  By deeactivating you will lose access to your Member Portal.  Ask about our Full-Pay discounted membership options!

      Raves for Eureka!

      I'm Thrilled!

      Had an appointment with my cardiologist today.  Had a sonogram to check my carotid arteries. Last year there was 30% blockage in both.  They are both CLEAR except a small amount in the left one.  I am thrilled that my diet has had such a good effect! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

      ~ S. Davis



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